Tyre Maintenance Tips for your Next Rental Car

There are certain factors to be considered when renting a car; one among the factor is checking the tyre condition of the rental car. If the tires are in bad condition there is a chance that it could easily result in an accident. The insurance policies offered by the many car rental firms do not cover damage to the tires and for that reason, it is better to check the tires carefully before you take the car to ensure you don’t end up paying extra for the damage you have not caused.


There are four areas to concentrate on and it includes tyre pressure, the tread, the balance, and alignment. Here describes what you need to do to ensure your rental car is good for the drive.

Checking the tyre pressure
Tyre pressure has a crucial role in maintaining the grip your rental car has on the road. Each car has its recommended tyre pressure and it’s the responsibility of the rental agency to check the pressure before they rent out the car to you, but that is not the case always.
In case you need to check, you will be able to see the recommended tyre pressure from the owner’s manual. You can check the vehicle pressure using a pressure gauge. This will give you a precise PSI or Bar reading when it’s attached to the tyre valve. If things are not easy, simply drive the rental car to the nearest petrol station and use the air filling equipment. It gives you an accurate reading and allows you to inflate the tires to the desired pressure.

Have a check on the tyre tread
Over time, the tyre tread wears, and it’s the job of the car hire firm to regularly check the tread and replace worn tyres. One easy way to check the depth of the tyre is to have a look at the tread wear indicator bar that is sculpted into most tires. The bars can be discovered at the bottom of the tread grooves in several locations around the tire. When these bars are visible enough to see then you can come to the conclusion that it has only less tread remaining. This indicates that it’s time to replace the tires.

Wheel balance and alignment
If you feel any swing in the movement when you ride, then there could be a balancing problem. It is a situation when the tyre becomes heavier at certain points and if it is the case, you should contact the rental agency to have the tires rebalanced.
Another important thing to consider seriously is the wheel alignment issue. If the wheels are not aligned properly, the car could pull to one side though you are driving straight. If identified, this is possibly a dangerous issue and one you must inform to the car hire firm straight away.

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