Prevent your car from overheating

There would be no one who dislikes traveling. Traveling in the scorching summer is like a testing phase not for you but also for your car even. Your car needs extreme cool when the temperature is in its peak, particularly in Kuwait summer. An engine that is too hot can be dangerous enough to damage the car and a threat to your safety. The best way is to protect your car from overheating – here are some ways.

Prevent your car from overheating

Park your car in the shade

Like you need to take rest under shade after a long walk on a sunny day, so does your car. You can at the moment feel what difference it makes when you are under shade. Parking your car under shade gives your car the much-needed rest. It not only keeps you cool, but it also protects your car’s life. If you couldn’t find any shade in between, use sunshades to reduce the heat inside the car.

Use car window shades

Having the window shades in your car is needed since you can’t assure that you will find a shaded area to park. The window shades protect the interior of the car becoming hot and from the damaging effects of the sun. You can also make the custom made window shades designed to fir the model of your car. These effectively keep the UV rays out.

Tint your windows

Window tinting will help the interior of the car to become cool. This is a great UV protection tool that helps you against any sun damage.

Leave car windows open slightly

Closed windows don’t allow the hot air to go outside. It heats up the total inside space and can lead to a dangerous situation. Keep the windows slightly opened so there is room for air to escape. If you have the sunroof, keep that also open. Ensure the opening doesn’t allow for someone to enter through.

Use the fresh air setting instead of recirculation on your A/C

Set your AC setting on fresh air for a few minutes. When the AC setting is on recirculation modes the air is circulating within the car itself. When inside of the car becomes cool, you can again put it on recirculation mode.

Keep your eye on the car temperature gauge

You should be aware of the temperature knob on the dashboard. Ensure that the knob points to the position that let the car cool down.

Add engine coolant

This is particularly important in hot months. To check the coolant level, open the hood and locate the coolant tank. The level is shown by indicator lines on the reservoir. If too low, simply add the appropriate amount of coolant and reattach the cap. Keep the rules in mind when you are taking a long road trip to Kuwait. When it comes to renting a car, Osoul House Car Rental is a reliable choice. You can pick the car that fits your travel needs and can choose the flexible rental plan of your choice. This gives much flexibility to your level. You can book your favorite car online.

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