Guide to renting a car

Renting a car should be upfront and hassle-free. Knowing beforehand the rules and regulations on renting a car make things easier in a foreign country or in your home town. Here highlight some guidelines that you need to aware about renting a car.

Guide to renting a car

Booking a vehicle

You can book your car either by calling or through rental provider’s website. Whatever way you choose, give proper attention to what is included and what is not. You can ask them where you can access the rental terms and conditions. Most of the time, the information will be available on the website. Gather information as much as you can and give importance to the following points

– Check if the rental rate is included for limited mileage or unlimited mileage

– Is there any excess payment for the damage (if any?)

– Is there any additional tax apart from the rental amount?

– Check if there is any location surcharge?

– Will there be any difference in the rates for pick up and drop off in different locations?

The most important things are to choose a vehicle that is right for your needs. You should book your favorite car of choice in advance. Remember that the car you book should be the one that best meets your needs. If you wish to use any extra service like the GPS system or any child seats, get information about it.

Documentation you require

You will need a driving license. In Kuwait, you can drive with a valid international driving license. Understand what else documents are required like the utility bills, identity card, etc…For example, you will need a valid credit card to book with most companies, and when renting high-value vehicles multiple credit cards may be required.

Signing the rental agreement

The rental agreement is just a formal contract set by the car rental company that has the terms and conditions of using the rental vehicle by the renter. It covers the details of the vehicle, the payment terms, mileage limits, any extra services, and the usage. Find time to go through the rental agreement properly.

Collision and loss damage waiver

You are liable for any loss and damage to the vehicle. Protecting yourself from this loss is your responsibility. The rental provider may give you collision and loss damage protection and the details of which will be mentioned in the rental agreement. If you have got this protection cover, you will get an exemption to the excess amount being charged for the damage.

If you do not understand any part of the waivers or you are unsure of what is covered, ask the rental company for an explanation before signing your agreement.

Look for any damage before renting

Inspect the vehicle carefully and check with the rental agent in front of you. Look out for any scratches, dents, and make sure these are noted on the rental agreement. Also, check the interior of the vehicle including. Ensure any damage is mentioned on the rental agreement and that you are fully satisfied with the condition of the vehicle before you sign for it.

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