Some distracting factors to avoid while driving

Unfocused driving accounts for more fatal motor vehicle traffic crashes.  It is very destructive. As per the reports, one in ten accident cases involved is the result of distracted driving. What causes distracted driving? The person in the driving seat engages in some kind of activity and that causes to divert the attention from the road. Most distractions are as a result of focusing on their mobile phones where they are suspected of chatting, listening to music or dialing at the time of crashing. Everything from accessing the navigation screen to watching mobile and listening music can derail your attention.

Safe driving, can increase insurance rates. Distracted driving not only puts you and others in danger but also drive up the insurance rates.

Here are some strategies that you can try to stay safe on the road.

Inattentive: This is unable to digest, but it’s the fact. The studies state that most of the distracted drivers are careless or lost in thought. The effects of daydreaming divert your thoughts to different directions which finally affects your driving. The solution to avert this condition is to keep your brain alert. There are ways to keep brain alert and it is to move your eyes every few seconds to avoid wandering of the mind and chew gum or eat some crunchy snacks to keep you in the present. Another way to avoid carelessness is to try different routes to stay engaged.

Drowsiness is another factor that distracts driving. Sleepy driving is no joke – you know sleep deprivation is similar to that of a person who had alcohol. The solution is to prepare yourself before you take the driver’s seat. Do your best to get enough sleep. It is difficult to measure your tiredness while you are in the middle of a long drive. If you are more tired than normal you have to give the vehicle control to someone else in the car who knows the driving. Heavy eyelids, constant yawning, drifting lanes and nodding your head are some of the signs.

If you are driving alone and no one is there to take over, it is better to take a break in a coffee shop or in a petrol station and get rejuvenated.

Eating, drinking, or smoking. Some of the distracted drivers are paying more attention to their food, drinks, cigarettes, or other similar non-driving-related items when they should have been fully focused on the road.

The solution is to give less importance to food and cigarettes. Some crunchy snacks will help you stay alert and drinking water at regular intervals is equally important. Keep away from non-driving related actions that need some hand-eye coordination. If you are taking a long drive in Kuwait, it will be more helpful to keep in mind these rules. You can try either a self-driven car or chauffeur driven cars from Osoul House Car Rental. You can visit their site and book online.

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