Crucial Things To Know to Drive Safely in the Rain

Rain seems to be the biggest problem as far as drivers are concerned, particularly in unknown terrain. Not just it frustrating, it can also absolute dangerous, as it takes blames for thousands of car accidents every year. Due to negligent driving or due to over speeding, accidents may come in many ways. The fact is that most of the accidents are preventable provided. So next time you find yourself caught in heavy rain while on travel, never fright. Just go through the following foul-weather driving basics.

Slippery road turn out to be dangerous – keep in mind

The main issue that you face in the rain is the grip of your rental car tire. The road becomes wet and the smooth film that develops on the surface causes the tires to lose the grip, making the car to stop quickly. Understanding this fact, it is important to drive slowly while raining. Strictly keep this in mind when you take a ride in the rain.

Avoid using your cruise control

Whenever you lose control of your car’s steering or braking in a water log all of a sudden, there is a greater chance that the car could accelerate if the cruise control function is on. With the cruise control on the drivers tend to be less vigilant behind the wheel. So it’s better to avoid your cruise control.

Drive around large puddles

The water pool is common in roadways in the rain. You would have the affinity to drive through it, but it’s better to avoid those water pools. You do not know what’s hidden in the waterlogging, it can be a large pothole or some other thing. What’s more, water splashing up into the car’s engine compartment can damage the electrical system, making it a huge expense for you.

Turn on your headlights

Tuning on the headlights helps you see the road to an extent and help other drivers see you. Avoid high beams as they can really vague your vision further. If the rental car come with fog lights, turn it on. The low light from these headlamps might help increase visibility.

Brake earlier, but smoother

Braking early will ensure that there’s plenty of distance between you and the car in front of you. Braking with less force will ensure that the car behind you knows that you’re slowing down. It’s also important that you remember to use your turn signals. This will help notify other drivers of your intentions.

Before you touch the road

If the rain is predicted and you can’t postpone your trip until the dry weather, the best part is to leave early allowing yourself more travel time. At the time of picking the rental car, ensure that windshield wipers are perfect. In the dry weather, the roadways seem to be slippery due to the grease and oil that were fallen from the vehicles. When it rains, the buildup of the oil and grease on the road cause the vehicles to flip. Only the continuous rain can wash away this accumulation and that only after a long period. Remember that rain also reduces driver visibility and perception. When you choose to pick a rental car in Kuwait, rely on the best services that are from Osoul House Car Rental in Kuwait.

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