Taking care of windshield wipers of your car

As a person who drives a car knows the importance of windshield wipers. It is amongst an important necessity that helps you safely on the road. When it is not properly taken care of, the exhausted wiper blades can invite troubles during a sudden deluge. Therefore it is crucial to have the windshield wipers maintained properly. The following are some ways to help you make sure your car wipers are always ready to go.

Taking care of windshield wipers of your car

Defrost before Using the Wipers

After heavy snow or ice windshield wipers are likely to stick, causing them to break before you turn them on before defrosting the windshield. In extreme winter temperatures, run the defroster first and remove the snow or ice away. It’s more helpful if you warm up the car ahead of time with the defroster on high, particularly if you have an early morning journey.

Replace wiper blades twice a year

Wiper blades usually have a lifespan of about six months. You will notice a decline in driving visibility after six months. The only best solution is to replace the wiper blades every six months with the new one on time. You will also need to keep a watch on the blades for signs of early wear such as blurring, sound across the glass and so. You can replace easily with a little practice.

Clean your windshield

Wiper blades are more susceptible to wear if they are wiping across unclean glass. To extend their lifespan, clean the windshield every time before you make the drive or when you stop to fill your fuel tank. If you have any doubts about this you can take advantage of a nearby mechanic. Whenever you try your own, ensure the sponge available to clean be free from dust.

Never run the wipers on a dry windshield

Wipers are best to use when the windshield is wet and having it operated on a dry windshield causes the wiper to wear out sooner than they would normally. When it is needed to clean the dry windshield, use the washer button and sprinkle washer fluid. You need to ensure the washer fluid tank is full and this is another part of the wiper routine’s maintenance.

Relocate the blades at the winter periods

So in the winter months, extra care must be given to the windshield wipers. There may be a chance that it gets frozen sometimes. To deal with this problem, move away from the wiper blades from the windshield the night before. This keeps the sponge part of blade from freezing to the glass. Though it looks so simple, paying attention to these little things will make the difference. Considering your windshield wipers, being vigilant in the winter season ensure that they are always prepared to go when you need them.

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