Checking the tire pressure, the crucial thing

Tire maintenance is crucial to the overall health of your car. The tire is where the complete weight of your car comes in and it is the one that is being in touch with the road always. It decides the comfort, safety, and handling. Here highlights a few maintenance tips and some tools that you need to get the most out of your tires.

Checking the tire pressure, the crucial thing

Tire pressure can have a big impact on your driving with the risk of accidents and reducing the lifespan of your tires. Why did you need to check tire pressure frequently?

Fuel efficiency: When your tires have less air than it is normally needed, their rolling resistance increases. It exerts pressure on engine to work harder burning extra fuel in the process. It is identified that underinflated tires lead to an increase in fuel consumption to a greater extent. Factors like braking, accelerating etc… are all affected when tires are not inflated to the correct pressure. In some cases, the underinflated tires will result in a blowout.

Handling: With less air in the tires, your car will feel inactive and unresponsive. This leaves your vehicle to perform badly in the wet or icy conditions. With the overinflated tires, you will feel the bump and dip in the road, and there is a chance to experience loss of traction and be more susceptible to spinning out and losing control. Overinflated tires will also wear unevenly, in this case along the center of the tread. In both instances, the life of the tire will be greatly reduced.

Important things to remember when checking your tire pressure

To minimize the problems it is good to check the air pressure of the tires once in a month. You can check easily from any fuel stations or on the driveways. Here are some basics that need to be reviewed.

Know how much pressure needs to be maintained. If you’re checking your tires at a petrol station, remember that the self-service machines are not always properly calibrated, so they may not provide the most accurate results. If in doubt, ask an attendant when the machine was last calibrated.

Tire pressure should be checked when the tires are cold. When tires get heated, there could be a chance of increasing the air pressure and it expands and provide a false reading. For the best results wait at least three hours after driving before you do the airchecks.

You should be aware of the correct pressure rating of your vehicle. It will be mentioned in the user manual, or on the inside ledge of the driver’s door. Always check your tire pressure before the start of a long journey. The pressure rating

Pressure ratings vary depending on the weight of your load, so if you’re carrying extra passengers or excess luggage you should adjust your tire pressure accordingly.

If you are using alloy wheels, you need to be extra alert. Alloys tend to affect air pressure more than general wheels, so it is advised to check your tire pressures on a more regular basis

Modern cars come with a system that indicates the level of air pressure the tires have. But don’t be complacent. Even the low drop in pressure can cause unnecessary wear, so it’s still important to do consistent manual checks.

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