The car still won’t start? Here are some reasons.

Consider the situation where your car key fails to start the car after a break in a journey. There could be many reasons for this issue. Before having the vehicle towed to a repair shop or waiting for a mechanic to come and repair, you can attend the issue by trying a number of methods. Knowing the things will be of great help and be cautious unless you dare to do the things of your own it is good to leave as it is. Here are some possible reasons that your car is not starting.

Car still won’t start. Here are some reasons.

The battery has become weak: If it seems that the battery is drained, you can deal with the situation by jumpstarting it. Never jumpstart the car if its battery has acid leakage and is cracked. There is a number of reasons why the battery dies. It includes:

– Leaving headlights, and the radio on when the car isn’t running

– Using AC when the car is not running

– Not starting a car for long periods of time

– Lack of battery maintenance

Alarm problem – Car alarms go off anytime anyplace and it creates major trouble to you and the neighbors as well sometimes. Due to this issue, your car may fail to start. The common reasons for the car alarm go off include

– Malfunctioning key fob

– Unclean hood latch sensor

– Poor connection of the Hood latch

– Low level of the battery

Battery cable corrosion – The cars badly corroded battery cables will prevent the car from being started. The cables will have to be replaced if it is badly corroded.  If the cable is not affected badly, you can clean it with the corrosion cleaner and try to start the engine.

The starter trouble – some unusual sounds or no sound when the turn of the key may signify the electrical problems with the starter or in any part of the starting system. It may be because of poor maintenance or simply wear and tear. Even if you maintained it properly, the different starter components can wear and tear. You will end up with expensive repairs and have to be replaced if the starter shows the trouble.

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