How to handle rental car break downs

The biggest advantage of rental cars is that the cars the rental agencies provide will be in good condition. What happens if your rental car breaks down? Have you ever thought of such a situation?

Before you book your rental car, get ready with your automobile insurance policy and other documents. Check whether your automobile insurance covers towing or roadside assistance for rental cars that you drive. If you are using a credit card, call your credit card company and ask if the card provides the benefit of towing or other services to renting cars. Check if your car rental company provides the roadside assistance facility to its customers.

Consider the scenarios in which you have to face when your rental car met with any issues

Your rental car has a problem, but you can drive it

You should contact your rental company if you have a problem with your rental car. Usually, you will be told to drive the car to your car rental office so you can replace with another vehicle. However if the issue is due to your fault and it comes only a few bucks to repair, it would be better to settle yourself and continue the journey.

Your rental car cannot be driven

If the car comes to a halt due to an error, call for help and wait for assistance to arrive. Try your best to get the car to a safe place. Inform your rental company and let them know the surroundings. If there is no way helping you out quickly from the call center office, then get the authorization to have the car towed to a near repair shop. Get the details of the company and the person who the service is being provided so that you can claim for the reimbursement once you return the car.

How roadside assistance helps you?

If for any reasons, you meet with a breakdown or your vehicle is not in a position to drive, you can call the help of roadside assistance. You will be in need of one of the following services

Towing Services: When you fail to make a vehicle drivable, towing service would be of great help to tow your vehicle to a mechanic up to a limited number of miles. In case the distance needs to be covered beyond that specific limit, you may be charged extra. The limit of the distance covered and the extra charges they charge after the specified limit would have mentioned in the policy.

Battery Jump Start: A dead battery can leave you in the middle of the road. The battery jump-start service will help you to get the vehicle engine started and let you continue the journey.

Flat tires: Flat tires usually happen while you are on a journey. If you have the assistance policy of any provider, a service professional will come to the place where you have been stranded and replace the tire with the spare or change with the tire they have.

Lockout service: Lockout service is for when a driver cannot gain entry to their own vehicle. Any time a roadside service professional helps a driver open their vehicle that falls under lockout service. They usually can gain entry using a pump wedge or a long reach tool to unlock a door.

Fuel Delivery: This service is of great help to the drivers when they run out of fuel/gas while on a journey. The service professional will come out with necessary fuel enough to drive to a nearby pump/gas station. Some providers will charge for the fuel and others would provide limited fuel free of cost as mentioned in the policy.

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