Stay Safe in Kuwait

We place the utmost importance on safety while staying in a different country. Kuwait is one step ahead in terms of safety when compared to other gulf countries. But as a responsible person, respecting the local rules and customs does help you stay out of trouble. Here is some information that shed light on what to follow and what not to:

Stay safe in Kuwait

How safe is Kuwait?

Good thing is that the crime rate in Kuwait is very low. The frequencies of violent crime against travelers are significantly low. However, you should take the same precautions as you would take in your home state or city. Women should avoid walking alone in remote areas at night and travel with a friend if possible.

Civil unrest: Demonstrations in Kuwait take place rarely and are usually peaceful. You are advised to avoid demonstrations, as even those intended to be peaceful have the possibility to turn violent. Take monitoring of the situations through local media and the instructions issued by the local authorities.

Kuwaiti local laws and etiquette

Kuwait is not as conservative as other Middle East countries, therefore it is important to behave and dress in a reverent way. Respect local customs, traditions, and religions and also ensure that you don’t offend their religious beliefs. Further, anyone involved in a commercial or any other dispute with a Kuwaiti company or individual may be prevented from leaving the country or placed in custody. When it comes to the dress code, it is somewhat relaxed. Women take care to wear neat and tidy dresses.

Emir of Kuwait is well respected and recognized. Whoever challenging the authority or insulting him by writing, speech or drawing, several years of prison terms can be imposed. Taking photographs of or near government buildings or other infrastructure, including oil fields, can lead to imprisonment. Alcohol is completely prohibited and shall not be imported, manufactured or served.

Getting around in Kuwait

One finds it easy to get around in Kuwait using the public transport system, taxis or car rental services.  The unconventional driving habits usually seen among the locals encourage tourists to go for car rental services in Kuwait. You can either choose a chauffeur-driven car service or taxis, so you do not have to worry about the road conditions and the rules. However, if you choose to rent, it’s important you know what insurance is included and what isn’t. Try to book your car in advance and use a reputable car rental company such as the Osoul House Car rentals.

Kuwait is one of the easiest and safest countries to travel in the Gulf region.

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