Useful Tips for Driving In the Rain

Driving in severe weather conditions is not easy to deal with particularly in the Middle East countries. It raises many safety concerns for the drivers. Extreme rains and weather conditions demand your out and out attention, so be sure to keep vigil and avoid distractions by turning off the radio or keeping the phone in a remote place. Sometimes the best decision you can take is to pull off the vehicle to the side of the road and avoid driving altogether until the weather clears off.

Useful Tips for Driving In the Rain

It is exciting to drive in the rains and thunderstorms for the visitors and citizens of the Kuwait. Though it looks pretty, driving in these conditions needs an added amount of attention and awareness. The following tips aim to keep not only you and those with you safe, but those around you as well.

Avoid the Edges on the road

Water accumulates on both sides of the road, the fast lane and the slow lane particularly in highways. While driving in those conditions it is safer to be on the center lanes. This helps you not to encounter any water lodge but it prevents from jumping a kerb on smaller roads.

Skipping out from the wet road – Aquaplaning

A situation in which the vehicle slides out of control on a wet road, aquaplaning is one among the top contributor to shocking number of mishaps in the rainy days. Though as a precautionary measure you suddenly apply the brake pedal as hard as possible but goes in vein. The best possible way is to slowly ease of the accelerator and drive to the safe location until it touches the rough road.

Keep a safe Distance

When driving in the roads in the raining times you must maintain a stopping distance from the vehicles in front of you. If you doesn’t maintain a distance, there would be a chance to occur a series of crashes when the vehicle in front of you brakes all of a sudden.  Pointless to mention, it is always good to stay well within the speed limits and avoid unnecessary tactics.

Ensure Lights are working as they should

Ensure that all the lights of your vehicle are properly functioning and do a quick check if all are working as they should. Attention should be given to the brake lights, fog lights, and the turn signals. These helps you not only to see properly but to ensure you are seen as well by other drivers.

Ensure proper Seating

Seating must be in proper that it gives a clear view of the surroundings and what’s happening around you. Never try your play on the steering wheels, and what is important is that keep both hands on the steering wheel at all times.

Check the tire treads

An important and highly overlooked aspect of driving in the rain, tires are the only touch point between a vehicle and the road. Ensuring there is sufficient tread on the tires (3-4 mm) will equate to added confidence while steering and stopping on the slippery blacktop.

When you happen to drive in Kuwait in the raining times be aware of these tips that would help you drive safely. You can rent a car from Osoul House Car Rental the leading car rental provider in Kuwait.

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