Best Things to Do in Kuwait City

The relatively relaxed Kuwait is a pleasant city to take a visit. The city is a hub for many outdoor activities such as the water sports, sailing, desert safaris etc. Getting to know the city, culture and its people is best done by travelling around.

Best Things to Do in Kuwait City

Kuwait lures visitors through its varied attractions and it includes the city aquarium, a large number of parks and the zoo and so. Boat trips along the cost around offshore islands and the desert safari camp are the ones that cannot be missed. And when visiting the Middle East, try to take the opportunity to become involved in a camel ride, the long tradition in the Middle East for over the years.

For those travelling to Kuwait, here are some of the options that you can delight in.


Water sports are amongst the popular activity in Kuwait. The coral reefs, warm waters of the Persian Gulf and multitude of marine attractions leave the scuba divers and snorkelers breathless. Sailing and power boating are also favourite pastimes in Kuwait, with glorious views of the desert landscape from the Gulf an added bonus. There are agencies who can offers yachts with or without skippers and also the trips to traditional fishing dhow.

Desert Safari and Camp

A desert safari offers you a distinct experience and is a must-do. There are organizations that can offer you a desert safari, and each one will provide a package that is different from one another. So it is better to know the agencies that offer packages to the best of your interest and budget. Usually, the packages will include transport from the city and will take you into the desert. In addition to taking a camel ride around the desert, you will also be able to try out a number of other traditional activities, including shisha, kite flying, and taking photographs in traditional costumes.

The Kubd Camel Farm

If you are pretty much interested to know about camels, then the Kubd camel farm is the destination. You can learn too much about the camels here. This farm has multiple black and brown shades camels and it is perfectly designed for a camel ride. It’s among important attractions that the visitors to Kuwait never fail to visit. And this farm is one of the best spots to see these creatures interacting in a natural habitat, whether this may be eating and socializing or feeding their young.

The Camel Markets

It is worth to visit the camel markets in Kuwait, though you may not be able to have a proper camel ride. These markets are where the camels are being traded by the locals and the environment is amazing here and this lets you experience the ambience of Kuwait culture in a great way. Camels are an important part of the culture in Kuwait and are bred for everything from racing to meat. If you are looking for a memorable, traditional experience, then taking a camel ride in the deserts of Kuwait is a must.

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