Bad tires invite risk

Drive in a fast line especially in the Middle East is fun an exciting. But it doesn’t take much time for things to change when the car tires are not up to the challenge. Here are some tips for your car tire safety. Since extreme temperatures can be life-threatening.

Safety Risks of Worn Tires

You might have noticed the pieces of tire shattered across a highway. Possibly it could be from the tired tires and it can take your life particularly if they are not up to the specification. As the heat is the biggest enemy of the tire, it is important to take a close look at the tires of a rental car before you hit the road. Famous car rental companies like Osoul house car rentals in Kuwait will ensure that the vehicle they give you has been serviced and checked thoroughly for safety and reliability prior to each handover. This includes the tires.

However, it is good to have a quick look at yourself. These are the things you need to know about tires in summer:

Take an interval:

There would be no one who doesn’t know, on a long journey that only you need the rest, but your car tires need as well. Especially in a sunny and hot day, the best way to cool down the tires is to take repeated intervals in between your trip. The moment the car stops moving, the tire temperature begins to reduce. Hence taking frequent intervals will reduce the temperature inside tires and avert the bursts.

Do not speed up the vehicle

Increasing the speed may cause the tire to burst out. What happens when you increase the speed of your car is that the friction between tires and road will also increase. Increasing friction causes the temperature to rise inside the tire and that keeps the tires soaring. This can result in a tire burst. Hence it is highly advisable during summer to drive possibly below 100kmph.

Maintain the tire pressure

Older tires to vulnerable to risks. When the tires become old, their sidewalls also become weak. Such tires are at a higher risk for explosion. Hence change tires that are old. Even if they haven’t run much and threads are intact, it makes sense to change it that is more than 6 years old.

Avoid overloading:

Overloading could be the main reason for the tire bursts. The only part of the vehicle that is in constant touch with the road tires, hence it is intelligent to load the vehicle in a recommended way. This will reduce the pressure on the tires. In addition to choosing a reputable car rental company like Osoul House, it is critical that you inspect and consider each of these factors before you accept your rental. If you are ever in doubt, feel free to speak to any agent conducting the handover who will be happy to provide you with a tread-depth gauge or an air pressure gauge.

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