Decide to rent a car? Here are some smart things to consider!

Self-drive is really exciting, and it adds more thrills to your travel, particularly in the Middle East. More and more people prefer to rent a car kuwait rather than using their own to explore a destination. So when it comes to renting, be sure you opt for the right choice. With some smart tips, you can be prepared to make wise decisions. Let’s have a look into it.


Choose the right car
Usually, the self-drive cars are being provided on daily rentals or weekly rentals, but the rates tend to increase in the weekends. On the other hand, depending on the car types, the price may vary on the daily rentals and these cars may come with fuel or without. The cars with fuel definitely will be expensive in terms of kilometer it covers, and at the same time in the car without fuel, the customer has to bear the cost of fueling the vehicle, but do not need to worry about the kilometers he/she drives.

What makes you smart in choosing the right car? First, have a fair idea about the distance you need to cover. If you have a long driving plan, the best choice is to pick the car without fuel plan. Rental plans that include fuel expenses are better for people who seek the car for traveling within the city.

The type of car you should pick
The rental companies offer customers a wide range of cars including the hatchbacks, SUV’s, Sedans of different brands. Your choice matters, if it’s for a luxurious purpose you can go for luxury cars and for a sporty experience one can pick the sports utility cars. But these are ideal for those who want to spend big. As far as a middle class is concerned, depending on their travel purpose and travelers they can choose the SUV’s or Sedans that fit into their budget.

Take, for example, a long journey with four persons, it is ideal to rent a hatchback with a manual transmission that reduces the overall cost of the journey. Meanwhile, for intercity travel, people can opt for automatic cars for convenience during congestion and traffic.

Check if the phone range will be available at your chosen destination
Before opting for a self-drive car to make a drive to a remote destination, ensure that network coverage is available there. It enables you to be in touch family though you are in the remote area during emergency situations.

Check the parts, toolkit and spare tire before you rent a car
Many of you might are experiencing the self-drive rentals for the first time. Though you are assured that the cars would be perfectly alright and won’t make any mistakes, be on the safer side by having an inspection on the condition of the vehicle yourself. Also that you should check if the spare tire is available in the car. Also, take a test ride and check the condition of the brake and the clutch.

If you are not comfortable with the process, you can depend on the leading car rental agency Osoul House Car Rental.

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