Benefits of Long Leasing a Car

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Long term car leasing is a common practice in Kuwait and many other countries. Considering several benefits, many people now think about leasing a car over buying a new one. There is a certain scalable advantage of leasing a vehicle than going for a new one. Let us briefly discuss a few of the advantages of leasing over buying a vehicle.

Hands-on zero-odo car

Most rental companies offer long-term lease vehicles. Long-term lease, work in the way that rental companies offer a brand new car to customers with zero on the odometer. The customer gets a brand new car of the selected model. The only difference with a leased car and the owned car is that customer lacks the vehicle registered in his name.

Zero maintenance

Most leasing firms offer zero maintenance cost to customers. The customer can simply ring up to the leasing company to get the timely maintenance done. It is a great monetary benefit to the customer, as most new gen cars need to be maintained at proper intervals and each service may cost big deal to the car owner.

On-demand replacement

The leased car can be replaced upon an accident or if there occurs a major repair. It is the responsibility of the company to get the repairs done and the user gets the car replaced as and when he demands it. Also, there is another replacement advantage for long-term leasing that most car companies swap the vehicles with a new one after the car has crossed certain kilometers or completed a particular duration. Thus the customer gets to use a new car at fixed intervals.

Hassle-free usage

Leasing a car gives you the tension-free driving opportunity. All the hassles are handled the renting firm, not the user, while he enjoys a brand new car as his own. Yearly renewal, maintenance, repairs, and such things are handled by the company. The customer need not worry about the depreciation of the vehicle. If a new car is purchased, when he sells off the vehicle, a major chunk of the purchase amount is lost as depreciation.

Yearly Renewal

In Gulf countries, each year the car documents are to be renewed and certified by the transporting authority. When using a leased car, renewal is done by the renting firm, thus leaving the responsibility on them. The user needs to worry about the official formalities, pre-renewal maintenance etc… while using a leased car.

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