Avoid Hidden Fees When Renting a Car

Sometimes when you rent a car, you may end up with extra costs that you were not aware of. It is important to be cautious when renting a car for your road trip, particularly in foreign countries. So many bills in the form of sales tax, airport surcharges, insurance, and licensing fees, all the extra charges will be piled on only to make you shocked. How can you avoid these hidden charges that are levied when renting a car? Read on the kind of hidden costs that you may likely to face, so you can avoid these when you rent for the next time.

Taxes and Airport Surcharges

Tax system and airport charges vary considerably from country to country. However, you may be able to avoid the airport charges — such as concession recovery fees, customer facility charges and the like — by picking up and dropping off your car at a non-airport location. Ensure to weigh the possible inconvenience and the price of any additional transportation against the concession fees charged by the airport location.


Check before you buy insurance from the rental provider. If the auto insurance you have will cover you then there is no need to purchase the insurance from them. Many credit cards also provide insurance if you pay for your rental with that card. Keep in mind that limitations may apply to both types of coverage and that an accident in a rental car may affect the rates on your existing car insurance policy. If you’re not comfortable with the risk, purchasing the extra insurance may be worth it.

Gasoline Charges

There is a chance that you will end up paying high premium for returning the rental car with empty tank. So you will perhaps want to fill up before you return your vehicle. Some rental companies offer the option of renting the car with full tank of fuel when you take the car, allowing you to return the car with whatever the fuel left in the tank. Most of the renters find this option feasible and one don’t need to worry about filling the tank when returning the car.

Drop-Off Charges

An extra fee may be charged if you return your car to a different location than where you picked it up. This fee varies by location and distance. In some instances there is no charge specified, but instead the base rate will be higher than it would for a rental that picks up and drops off in the same location.

Early Return Fees

It seems initially that returning your rental car earlier than the expected time of return be a good thing for your car rental company. It might not be the case, some rental companies charge you the early return fees. At the same time, some good car rental companies provide you the prorated refund if you return the car early. So before you pick the car make sure that there are no early return fees.


Some rental car companies provide unlimited mileage option to travelers, however, it’s a wise idea to check before you rent the car. Check if the rental companies charge for mileage if you exceed the daily allotment. There are many options available when it comes to car hire companies, but you have the knowledge now to inspect down your choices and find the option that is going to be best suited to your needs. In Kuwait, you get exceptional services from Osoul House the biggest car rental company in Kuwait. You would be given proper advice before you hit the roads with the rented car.

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