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GPS Navigation

Backlit 4.3" color display for easy navigation; 2D- and 3D-viewing; with touch-screen capabilitiesTurn-by-turn voice prompts capability provides convenient voice guidance. The GPs system for navigation can be used for making travelling more at ease and convenient. When you are going on vacation with your car and the whole family is inside, you may not want to lose your way to the recreational place. If you are travelling to a new place, for the first time and you need to find your way by yourself, then the GPS map system can work for you. This will not only save you time, but fuel and physical effort as well.


Planning for a travel can also be done through the GPS system. You can manage the time by formulating a path to follow, by searching for the shortest and the easiest path to a destination. This way, you will know the place for sure, the location, and the geography as well. Now that the GPS systems also tell you about the roughness of paths along the way, you can avoid bumpy and stony roads, and follow a safer and cleaner path to reach in time to a new place.